the white death

whitedeathIs there something like LARP warmups, but just for general life situations? It’s hard for me to maintain that type of physical and emotional openness in the everyday, my default orientation is so closed. Wall of ice up in here, sorry.

cats in the gray city update


There’s a mostly presentable update of the play materials for Cats in the Gray City.


-no more rigid scene structure
-this version uses coins instead of d6s. I’m still conflicted about this. There’s no reason to use d6s to make binary decisions, and coins are so much more ubiquitous, but I can’t tell yet whether the tactile experience holds up.
-since no more rigid scene structure, characters have “keys” to refresh their coins, and there’s a sentence about resting
-some additional rules for fights
-some tightening of MC moves, principles and threats
-pared down to the seven characters that are in the best working condition. Hopefully more will get there.
-added some rules for “conditions”-being hungry, wet, or sick now does stuff.
-lots of tweaks to character move options. I got rid of the “Otherwise”s on a lot of options, since they were heavily sidetracking stories in play, creating circles of getting into and out of trouble in a non-directional fashion.

Playtesting this some more at Gamestorm this weekend, then I hope to put it down for a little bit while our produce growing season starts getting crazy.

I’ve been seriously crushing on A Red & Pleasant Land and Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions which, combined, have awoken a burning interest in fantasy adventure roleplaying that I’ve never before experienced. Mostly they make me want to write meaty lists of things.