cats in the gray city update


There’s a mostly presentable update of the play materials for Cats in the Gray City.


-no more rigid scene structure
-this version uses coins instead of d6s. I’m still conflicted about this. There’s no reason to use d6s to make binary decisions, and coins are so much more ubiquitous, but I can’t tell yet whether the tactile experience holds up.
-since no more rigid scene structure, characters have “keys” to refresh their coins, and there’s a sentence about resting
-some additional rules for fights
-some tightening of MC moves, principles and threats
-pared down to the seven characters that are in the best working condition. Hopefully more will get there.
-added some rules for “conditions”-being hungry, wet, or sick now does stuff.
-lots of tweaks to character move options. I got rid of the “Otherwise”s on a lot of options, since they were heavily sidetracking stories in play, creating circles of getting into and out of trouble in a non-directional fashion.

Playtesting this some more at Gamestorm this weekend, then I hope to put it down for a little bit while our produce growing season starts getting crazy.

I’ve been seriously crushing on A Red & Pleasant Land and Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions¬†which, combined, have awoken a burning interest in fantasy adventure roleplaying that I’ve never before experienced. Mostly they make me want to write meaty lists of things.

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  1. I was the “dad” playtester at Gamestorm. Glad to see you have a website for this… eagerly hoping for a print-and-play PDF version I can buy and run for my adult gaming group.

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